personal diary

Chasing a dream……Girl

“As usual, he puts on his best clothes and wrooms away in his macho bike. Helmet seldom used, his hair flies around as he accelerates in madness oblivious to the traffic police but conscious of  the staring girls. The destination reached, he puts the side stand and leans on his bike. She comes, dazzlingly beautiful, knocking him out with stunning her presence (the surrounding’s appear blurred to him) pleasantries exchanged, she sits behind him. The bike roars to life, they are off with the entire world watching them”

              She yells at him, the guy both confused and angered,wakes up to life, wakes up to reality, looking up to his mother. Dreams are bliss. no wonder the poor guy grudgingly gets up,as he undergoes the daily ritual of getting ready for his college. He reaches his college. there all hell breaks loose. he sees girls, each different from the other. he becomes a child not knowing which chocolate to choose. His heart beats for a simple yet beautiful girl, who could easily become his mother’s favourite daughter in law, though his instincts looks out for a more flashy one. Language, religion takes a backseat. He doesn’t care, he searches, he doesn’t find and then suddenly she is there, the one he saw more than anyone else in the college (perhaps she was lucky) As it turns out to be, they go to the same class. opportunities galore for them to interact but he let’s them go wasted. He tries to take advantage of her loneliness to speak, but courage betrays him and then a sudden brain storming makes him realise that this silent spectacle can’t go on forever….  

Though i am unlucky, I don’t have a girlfriend. I am lucky, I have got many friends who are girls!

I am unlucky, I have got many friends who are girls but, I am lucky, I have got none a girlfriend!

                                             THE CHASE FOR A DREAM……continues.


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