personal diary

Do You Prefer The Spotlight Or The Back Stage?

I begin with my favourite quote,” It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice”. Oh yeah! It sure feels good to be well known but on the flipside the durability is short. In an instant you might fall down the ladder and if you were good, I dare say you might find people waiting below to help you back on your feet. “Am i fool to be nice to everyone or am i jobless to make friends out of everyone.”

I keep on saying this to everyone, everyone who listens to me, “You pass through a crowd of 10 and you get wished by about 7 of them with atleast 5 supposedly genuine (the word genuine can’t be stressed enough), how would you feel? Won’t you get the feeling of an elevation?? It sure feels nice, doesn’t it???”

 Relationships are built upon mutual understandings. The way you build a relation and more important the way you keep it going will help people judge you as a person. You should use your contacts, if at all you do use, most carefully coz people might think that you are building up contacts just for the sake of personal gains.  On the other hand, People are often mis-intrepreted, they are mostly viewed as a person whom they are not. They are associated with the qualities which they don’t possess a single ounce. leave alone appreciating who you are but criticising about what you are not sets back you,doesn’t it?

People recognise you for what you are and don’t worry yourself if you are not, coz like they say,” The world is too small to go unnoticed”, Is it?!!!


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