Nothing But Fiction

The American President vs The Desi President

The convey has just started, with a dozen cars flanking the limo, carrying him to the building where he works as well sleeps (not at the same time though). The roads are blocked to clear the way for the procession. The convey heads to the buildings which are painted white by the black. With the sirens blaring, the door to the limo is opened and out steps the man.

The American President is always portrayed as someone who is heroic,” The Ultimate Man”. He is escorted by a dozen special agents with high-tech gizmos and not to mention the machine guns. The most powerful man in the world not only in real life but also in reel life. At the snap of his fingers, the entire staff of his are paraded before him. Phone calls after phone calls all expertly handled by his staff except for some important one’s to which he personally attends to and not forgetting those countless meetings with his chief of staffs and the men who matter. After all the briefings by his secretary follows his trademark executive order. The day ends for him but not before his dilemma for the next day, choosing the perfect attire for the state dinner…..

Why should that always happen in Hollywood??? What happened to the indian version. Coming to think of it, we too have a President! Everyone of us wants to see the desi version of the American President on-screen, Don’t we?

Agreed of course, we have so many woods (if u forgot Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood etc) which would translate into the president delivering his dialogues in almost all languages! But what prevents the filmmakers from making a film about the first citizen of the country. We have seen many films showing the “Politics” of our country but we are still awaiting the True hero of our masses to be shown on our silver screen. Still awaiting a True Leader…


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