What have we (students) come to become?

Today was yet another occasion for when our presence was required. Afterall we had given quite a number of previous guest lectures a miss and ultimately the dean of our school was forced to act upon the rather ‘typical student mentality’. He gave us a diktat! Either ‘make your presence’ or we shall be forced to note down your absence with subsequent consequence. To be fair to our faculty, they try to bring in speakers to deliver a fascinating address on an interesting subject. But then to balance the scales in our favour, we claim to never shed our tag of being ‘responsible student’. The topic for today’s deliberation was Taliban and Afghanistan. Yeah the topic was damn exciting alright and that was the sole reason why I dragged by back to the venue. However before that, I need to make one point clear. I was not on time for I had to decide between the two L’s. Lunch or lecture? My stomach groaned and ultimately had the last say. Walking rather gingerly to the lift with three of my classmates toeing the line, we waited for the lift. The lift was overcrowded and two of us stepped out to wait for the next one. Time wasted or rather consumed. We were already well past the schedule starting time and by the time we reached the venue (a rather small room which we call conference room thanks to the roundtable with microphones); we saw two of our friends from another school walking back disappointed. The damn place was filled to the brim. No space to stand let alone sit! With a sigh, they walk back to the lifts. The thought hit me like a thunder. How could it be? Just last week we had our professors complaining of poor attendance.  I wondered what the world has come to become! How could it have happened? We never back out. Despite the prior knowledge, we peeped in hopefully and rather innocently only to be waved away. We took our places on the ground only that it was outside the conference room in the corridors. We happily chatted about the impending midterm Economic exam and the increasing count of assignments. We had a light hearted discussion outside while inside the room there was a rather serious subject being talked about. Patience perseveres and so after what seemed to be a century, we were ushered into the room thanks to some departing students who I guess had enough of Taliban. The room was truly packed and I had to crawl under the projector to find a corner for myself. I sat across two of my friends who were sketching their hands with colourful pens. I had one eye on the speaker who was bang straight to me and the other on the distinguished audience who were present. I scanned faces and immediately recognized some to be law school juniors. I had never seen so much audience in this tiny room. So at the conclusion of the lecture, I ask a guy from the law school on what brought him to the lecture. Was it the Taliban? No, the whole of our class were brought by our professor. Ah… That explains a lot!


4 thoughts on “What have we (students) come to become?

    • venkatesan parthasarathy says:

      In that case, they should write a counter view offering their take on the perceived lack of interest shown by students!

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