“If God is watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining.”

Phew! Getting up early on a Sunday morning is quite a task. It becomes all the more difficult when you consider my past. There are usually no breakfasts for me; I proceed directly to Lunch for I wake up during that time. Infact I am only bested on that my younger cousin for he doesn’t care about the world around him and wakes up around 230 in the Noon and after a customary mouth washing has his lunch which sometimes are really sumptuous. After all, Sunday meals are considered to be the most delicious in the entire week. To those who disagree, I really feel for you as I can understand your position. Now wait! Why did I get that far? Forget the meals, I am writing on something else. I shall save the food part for someother occasion.

I woke up today at 830 and went to the mess. I saw only a handful of people. Typical Sunday morning! Settling into my breakfast, I see a friend of mine laughing. I enquire the source of his amusement. He points me in the direction of a huge television screen. UTV Movies was plying cut scenes of some dubbed Telugu movies. Being a South Indian myself, I can’t help but to ‘laugh out loud’ whenever I see a Tamil/Telugu film being screened in front of a predominant North Indian audience. Agreed not many were even bothered about it, but I was in a good company of fellow southies. We immediately lapped it up! Colourful, Extravagant, Outlandish! There are no words which can quite aptly describe some of our movies. It is an experience in itself! Having said, we are the worst critics of our own films. Well, what do you do when you see a hero of miniature size beating the hell of a tall, well-built person like Rahul Dev? What do you do when you are witness to a matrix like stunt only that the hero is not Keanu Reeves? What do you do when some of our heroes give Michael Jackson a run for his money with a born talent in dancing?

It reminds of my time in Odisha when during a particular road trip to Puri, we saw a Telugu movie dubbed in Hindi. I was the only South Indian in the bus. If my memory serves me right, the heroine was Asin who by now is well known in Bollywood. (Let’s forget the lead actor, shall we!) By the end of the movie and we obviously had to cut it short, popular perception of Asin changed to some extent. Everyone were remarking, “Whatte Transformation mama!” How on earth could she have acted in the craziest movie of all time? What was with her ridiculous dance moves? We all had a good laugh.

To those who are yet to be initiated into our world. Do yourself a favour and see some clips of Vijaykanth for his distinctive stunts. For those who love dancing and aspire to be the next Prabhu deva, do look into a YouTube clip of Sam Anderson. Oh. Don’t go by his name, he is not an American! 😀


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