That extra five minutes of sleep!

If at all there is an invention students are grateful for, it has to be the alarm clock. If it all there exists a thing that lazy students owe gratitude to, it undoubtedly has to be the snooze option! Up until now, I had never given due consideration to the person behind the laziest invention of all time. So today, I did some research (Research means ‘Googling’) and found that a chap called Lew Wallace is considered/believed to be its inventor. It, indeed, is a shame that he was not known to us before; else we could have erected a temple in his honour! After all, if we can have a temple in honour of an actress (South Indian actress Khushboo), a monument befitting a legend and his legendary contribution is a no brainer, really!

So here I was last night catching up on some television in the common room with a friend when he let slip that he needs to wake up early tomorrow at an unearthly hour of 4! He sighs, “Assignments!” I reserve my reaction, for I have seen many such guys. Assignments, exams amongst others deprive us of one essential thing. Sleep! While the earnest people burn their midnight oil to finish pending assignments, others take the conservative approach of waking up early in the morning. Knowing myself, I prefer the safer route of staying awake. I was never a risk taker and never will be, as I was never totally convinced by that alarm clock and I can never trust myself (not even a single ounce) with that little pesky snooze option!

Waking up early in the morning needs a strong reasoning! In my case, there are two factors which decide my rousing time. Compelling factors like missing out on an early morning flight/train, festivities or the most important of them breakfast ranks higher in the priorities. Somehow exams, assignments though equally if not more significant doesn’t quite fit into the compelling reasons. It’s not as if I have never done that but for me the charm of waking early to study just doesn’t sound impressive. I look at its productivity and net result has not always been encouraging.

For many of us, there is the time we’re supposed to wake up and the time we actually wake up. I remember writing a story during my stay at Dhenkanal with regards to the half hour postponement in commencement of our daily classes. The move was unanimously well received by the students, ultimately resulting in a marginal improvement of our attendance rate. Now in my present university, a move on similar lines has been in effect for close to a month. The breakfast timings have been extended by half hour to 10 on weekends and university declared holidays. I am eagerly looking to a change in my sleeping patterns, though only time will tell.

In due course of writing this blog, I found a couple of interesting articles on net that warrants a read. Check them out!


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