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The confessions of a bearded person

This blog post was long coming. Indeed my present tryst with the beard dates back several months…

Abraham Lincoln was said to have grown a beard because a small girl once wrote to him, saying that he would look better with one.  Not bad considering he had a valid reason to warrant one of the famous beards of all time!

It’s been a week since I had a short yet alluring conversation with my uncle (who, it goes without saying, was shocked with my appearance. Looking back, I recall a list of possible reasons for a person to go unshaved.

First up, it gives a rather cool and sophisticated aura to the person. (Read George Clooney et al) It gives a classic manly look. To put it in the words of the greatest play writer of all time, a certain Shakespeare, “He that hath a beard is more than a youth and he that hath no beard is less than a man.”

It enables a person to be taken more seriously. On most occasions, it gives him the “Don’t mess with him or else…” attitude. But there is a severe downside to this, “You can’t do comedy with a beard!”

Think of Albert Einstein and you generally tag him with being genius! A stroke of genius usually comes with a stroke of the beard. Hmmm.. may be that’s why my friend complains, “You do stroke your beard quite a lot!” In the words of another friend of mine, “I am thinker and a thinker no less than those old Greek fellas.” Wow. One surely likes to listen to those compliments! However pouring scorn to that is a Swedish proverb that says, “Wisdom is in head and not in beard.”

“Laziness”. Ah! The time spent on shaving could be possibly put into something more constructive. Like say catching more minutes of sleep, not missing on breakfast among other things!

There is one more significant reason which I conveniently forget and one which my uncle cleverly feigned ignorance. Love! It can drive anyone to madness and despair. While doing so, it also leads him to grow a beard so dense that coupled with his misery of the love failure, makes him part of a longstanding folklore! Devdas anyone?

Having said that, there is a well acknowledged fact of one’s beard being categorized into two symbols; creepiness and sexiness! Indeed there are quite a few who would take great pains to maintain and groom it while the other lot don’t mind ending up being a grizzly bear! Now ain’t this difference too close to comfort?

If you are still having thoughts about having a beard, I suggest you visit the below website… atleast for the laughs!


2 thoughts on “The confessions of a bearded person

  1. kriti says:

    Laziness would be the most appropriate reason i guess but agreed it does end up giving a rustic look to men which is kind of good. 🙂

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