Life as it is

When asked, a child would say it wants to become a doctor. Quiz him when he is in his mid-school, he would aspire to become a pilot. Now in the high school, he would probably say that he would end up as an engineer. From a doctor to a pilot and finally a engineer, the transition appears quite drastic. Does this mean, his brain capacity has gone down or does it suggests the mere contentedness of the student? While arguing for the first case is easy, it is of serious accusation!!! Brain power diminishing? (most unlikely though) There are many instances of students scoring high marks in their primary classes but as they progress through their grades, their marks invariably drops (in case of a normal student). Those students who belong to that elite class shine in a particular subject though (of their interest). This tendency can be attributed to the common notion that being studious alone is not good enough to market oneself in society. He must have surely found other ways to advertise himself.
The second argument though is far more reasonable. In today’s scenario, getting a job itself is a blessing. It would be foolish to sit idle after spending lakhs of money in becoming a pilot or a engineer. Parents spend money on their ward hoping that they would get a first class job and place themselves in higher position of the society ( read parents don’t want their children to suffer as they did). After all, it is only natural for them to see their seeds bear fruit.
Then there is a question of people switching careers mid way after realising their true calling. Why do they cut short their originally intended journey and take another path? Is it because of frustration in the existing job, revival of their original interests or sheer boredom!
I think I have raised enough questions in this post and I would do better to stop and end on a optimistic note. The present lot know what they are doing (or at least appear to be so). They are more realistic about their future dreams. The world today offers more challenges than a reality show ever would! But on full throttle we are geared to meet them even if it means sacrificing to gain later.
Quote for the blog: “I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.”


2 thoughts on “Life as it is

  1. kriti says:

    reads like retrospection venky ;)..but indeed true.. u live with it.. trying everyday to fight and come out of it..if i may raise another question.. how many actually come out of it?
    P.S: seems u had a good ‘thinking’ holiday.

    • venkatesan parthasarathy says:

      Apologies for responding late Kriti. Its either “we like and pursue it” or we abandon our true calling in the fervent hope of an eventual return. Though people would say better late than never, I would rather suggest them to follow what comes naturally.

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