Of lies, half-truths and rumours

It had been a while, since I last read a newspaper in the morning, properly. I normally skim through the first page stories and if a major story grabs my eyeball, I make it a point to read. So yesterday, when ‘The Hindu’ carried two photographs of a child with a headline “The killing of a young boy” (for article refer to its OP-ED page), I did what any curious reader would do. I opened the middle page and started reading the story and by the end of it, I was greatly persuaded to write about it.

Did a twelve year kid deserve to die in such cold blooded fashion? Forget that the child, in question, was the son of an alleged terrorist, widely seen as the face of violence in the Island nation. Some critics (I call them un-reasonable skeptics) might say the son might grow into a revenge seeking adult. One who will reincarnate his dead father and bring upon hell. Hey! What are you smoking? The Sri Lankan Government, and I quote, while staunchly defending their military of this murderous act, said, “the poor kid might have been killed in a crossfire… the photos are morphed.” Hypocrisy.

I could have spoken before but I didn’t. I could have written about it before but I failed to. “Why now”, one may ask. Of course, these incidents do happen everywhere and on a periodic basis, it is ‘only normal’ some people might say. But then just because it happens everywhere, why prevents us from making a distinction? I wanted to take up the role of the Indian media in the Sri Lankan civil crisis for one of my research papers, but my professor here asked me what’s new in it and I had no reply. It is just another civil war. I couldn’t help but to think, “Yeah, yet another civil strife wherein people die in vain, and for those left behind, unfortunate is the apt word.”

A military spokesman for the Sri Lankan army last night said, “Sri Lanka had been a repeated victim of lies, half-truths, rumours, and numerous forms of speculations.” (It is ironical that I had to use this phrase as my blog title)  Self-denial amounts to nothing when you have a growing amount of evidence against you. Of course, you might claim victimization and rightly so, as the law states, “Innocent until proven guilty” but mere refusal to entertain foreign human rights inspectors to ascertain your claim and trying to evade UN human right council resolutions is act of cowardice. They have been denying for long. The time has come for justice to be done and so it has to be.

To those who claim that the pictures could have been morphed (including a certain Salman Khurshid), you all are off your minds. Damn this technology… for it is being conveniently used nowadays.


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