Confessions, humour and more

You like a person, confess. You hate a person, confess. If you don’t, well… forget it. Nobody cares. Lately, I have been witness to the emergence of a new found love for confessions. Confessions! Aren’t those supposed to be honest admissions of mistakes in the hope they remain hidden? Good lord! Going by the present trend, we are making honest admissions alright but are they hidden? No! But then I am not complaining, for it is my quota of entertainment.

I read somewhere recently that confessions page have become what one could call a church and the admin, a pastor. (No wonder, the church is in such a bad mess!) The pastor does the job of moderating (or not!) and the church thus becomes a happy place for users to bare their souls. General audiences (like me) are just content to read them and express our ‘liking’.

Keeping in tune with confessions is a page for proposals! Do you have feelings for someone or have a crush on a person? Congrats, you now have a perfect forum to convey your feelings to that special person. But then beware; your proposal might get several likes but risks missing out on the most important like of them all! Anyway, if you are going to be anonymous, you might as well as be rest assured; while you can get the concerned person to like your post, it is going to be challenge wooing them unless you make the real move! However as an unintended (or otherwise) side benefit, you might end up with many fans, if you possess the perfect blend of wit and humour. (Nothing sells like it in the online media)

The number of likes that a post receives is invariably linked to outrageousness of its nature. It doesn’t mean innocent posts get missed out. Sample this, “When I was a kid, I asked God to give me Supernatural Powers. He made me invisible to Girls.” This was one of the most liked confessions.

Humour has an intrinsic part to play in these posts and this is the precise reason why these confessions refuse to die down. “I don’t understand how some people have the courage to tell their crush they like them. I don’t even have d courage to ask for extra ketchup at McDonald’s.”

The changing nature of these confessions are a stark reminder of the gone by days. Indeed, I follow the confession pages of my school, my undergraduate college as well as my present graduate school. One can find a stark contrast in due course of a transition from high school to a college and naturally so.

Tirades against a physics teacher or crushes that often go untold for the past 6 grades gradually give way to more controversial and illustrated confessions.

“Had these confessions page been there 6 years back, I would have at least expressed myself here rather rehearsing it in empty rooms and grinning in front of mirrors.” Well, I can’t help but to completely agree with him/her. Had these pages existed back then, who knows I could have been one of them. But as things turned out, I didn’t quite need it in the first place!


4 thoughts on “Confessions, humour and more

    • Venkatesan Parthasarathy says:

      First up my congratulations for your published article Vithika! Confessions seems to be the flavour of the season and it is only natural we as writers bring a story of it to the public.

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