Purely Fiction

Humble beginnings…

He stares at the outside world through the window. He stares at the world that had been an alluring to him till now. All through his childhood, he had dreamt of big wallet, big cars and big houses. Indeed all big things for a small time man. Big and lofty dreams one might say but he wouldn’t have any of those arguments.

He would wave away his doubters, brush away his detractors. He would genially coerce those faithful to him into believing that he is indeed made for a big city. A big city, which he believes can offer him unlimited opportunities. Opportunities so galore that he needn’t worry he might lose.

He had lost it, his village elder men would claim. Why would anyone risk losing it all when there is nothing to be gained? Why venture into the unknown when you can idle around in the fields as carelessly as you can? Why risk becoming a just another guy when you can command the attention of all the village belles. Why become a commoner when you are worshipped as village hero. A hero surpassed by none. He had it all and yet he had none.

He stares at the outside world through the window that is now splattered with rain drops. He stares at the world that had been a mystery to him till now. As a small kid, while going to the only theater in his village, he had often wondered about the swanky and big screens in Danishpur (the city closest to his village.) His favorite on screen hero (which he so revered) brought alive by Dolby digital sounds and a massive screen that is roughly 20 times the size of his school black board. Once in his weekend holidays, he asked his mother her permission to visit Danishpur with his friends. He wanted to catch the latest flick of his hero. Though derided by elders of the house, his mother taking a fair stance offered him five rupees. She then remarked something that he is yet to forget. “You whistle and cheer for your hero but don’t you want to be one? Try. It is easy.”

We all want to be a hero. No. Not just an ordinary hero but a super hero and why not? We are well within our rights to dream and dream big…

I have always wanted to write a short series on a guy from humble surroundings making it big. This first part is a manifestation of my desire. Look out for more.


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