Nothing But Fiction

The Three Amigos

There was once an Argentine, a Uruguayan and a Brazilian; the three of them brilliant students. Though they weren’t to know then, they would soon find themselves in each other’s company at a same school in Spain.

And, the following is their brief tale!

The Argentinean was the most diminutive among the three, yet his talent and ability remained nearly unsurpassed. Even as a youngster, he used to play with a crowd, all of whom well above his height. Taking advantage of his tiny structure and blessed technique, he sneaked past opponents at tremendous speeds. A scout for a famous school in Spain spotted him and offered the chance to visit the European country. Never one to cross a river, let alone an ocean, he jumped at the invitation. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Uruguayan, on the other hand, always fancied Zoology. Legend holds that, once during childhood, his tutor asked him, “From which species did Humans evolve? Almost instantaneously came the response, “rats.” The tutor flinched. On yet another occasion, the Uruguayan, distinguished from the rest by his sharp teeth, while playing with one of his friends fell down clutching his mouth. Upon closer examination, a bite mark was allegedly found on the shoulder of his friend. “I lost my balance, and accidentally fell… tooth first on him,” the Uruguayan would later sheepishly say.

Unlike the Uruguayan who stood out from his compatriots, the Brazilian had to contend with comparisons with a long list of illustrious students produced by the land of Samba. Even at a tender age, he carried hopes of the entire school on his tiny back. It was during one such moment, when in the cusp of achieving nobility, an opponent decided to piggyback on him. The exertion left the Brazilian “nearly paralyzed”.

Cutting a long story short, the three took different routes to the same school in Barcelona, Spain. Their would-be teacher at Barca, himself, new to the job didn’t quite know how to handle them. Countless questions raged in his mind. What if the three couldn’t co-exist? What if the Uruguayan reverted to biting an opponent or worse his own mates? What if the Brazilian, again, got his back spine bumped against? More importantly, what if the Argentine was starved off service?

Nevertheless, the teacher hoped, earnestly, that his three new students would help restore lost glory of the school after a year spent in wilderness.

PS: Meanwhile, somewhere in a tropical beach, a certain Portuguese was sulking. But then, that’s because he can’t stand the Argentinean.


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